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Research Topics

Today, Digital Finance does not exist as a standalone research discipline, despite many research gaps, the EU’s key strategic priorities and the urgent needs from industry. DIGITAL will overcome this and significantly advance the methodologies and business models for Digital Finance through the use of five interconnected and coherent research objectives

Towards a European financial data space.

Ensure sufficient data quality to contribute to the EU's efforts of building a single digital market for data

Artificial intelligence for financial markets.

Address deployment issues of complex artificial intelligence models for real-world financial problems

Towards explainable and fair AI-generated decisions.

Validate the utility of state-of-the-art explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) algorithms to financial applications and extend existing frameworks

Driving digital innovations with Blockchain applications.

Design risk management tools concerning the applications of the Blockchain technology in Finance

Sustainability of Digital Finance.

Simulate financial markets and evaluate products with a sustainability component

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