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Driving Digital Innovations with Blockchain Applications

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Blockchain is another driver of the technological change of the financial ecosystem, though there are no systematic studies that assess whether the benefits outweigh the costs. DIGITAL will analyse the efficiency of financial service providers that adopt the blockchain technology, contribute to more robust and efficient financial markets by understanding how to tokenize financial assets, reduce the risk of fraud and highly volatile crypto assets and establish a global, industrial standard for the architecture of blockchain-based financial systems.

The research will focus on developing Blockchain-based use cases and designing systematic studies aimed at advancing financial digital innovation. These studies will serve as a crucial input for a new infrastructure that will be utilised in a wide variety of IT domains. This infrastructure will account for the integration of multiple data sources, define a standard dictionary, eliminate ambiguity, and enable other teams to access all customer data from a centralised repository, thereby ensuring interoperability. Defining and monitoring efficiency measures will ensure the quality of the proposed frameworks. In addition, a qualitative evaluation will be conducted based on the comparison of our proposed frameworks that go beyond the state of the art of traditional standard approaches. This is intended to serve as the basis for a new blockchain-based financial infrastructure and as a European industry standard for blockchain applications. In addition, the research will also focus on proposing novel risk management solutions to some of the main concerns around blockchain applications in finance, like fraud detection and financial stability.

Under this research stream, THREE doctoral candidates will tackle the following research projects:

Lead of the Research Topic
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