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  • Towards a European Financial Data Space:
    Collaborative learning across data silos Detecting anomalies and dependence structures in high dimensional, high frequency financial data Predicting financial trends using text mining and NLP Deep Generation of Financial Time Series
  • Artificial Intelligence for Financial Markets
    Strengthening European financial service providers through applicable reinforcement learning Developing industry-ready automated trading systems to conduct EcoFin analysis using deep learning algorithms Challenges and opportunities for the uptaking of technological development by industry
  • Towards explainable and fair AI-generated decisions
    Audience-dependent explanations Investigating the utility of classical XAI methods in financial time series Fair Algorithmic Design and Portfolio Optimization under Sustainability Concerns
  • Driving digital innovations with Blockchain applications
    Industry standard for blockchain Fraud detection in financial networks Risk index for cryptos
  • Sustainability of Digital Finance
    Modelling green credit scores for a network of retail and business clients A recommender system to re-orient investments towards more sustainable technologies and businesses Experimenting with Green AI to reduce processing time and contributes to creating a low-carbon economy Applications of Agent-based Models (ABM) to analyse finance growth in a sustainable manner over a long-term period

The DIGITAL program offers comprehensive doctoral training in four key areas

Furthermore, the training of doctoral candidates will consist of attending international conferences and other training programs, lab training, and lectures from external scientific lecturers.

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