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Key Outputs and Achievements of COST Action and DIGITAL presented before COST Scientific Committee

Joerg Osterrieder, the Action Chair of COST Action CA19130 and Coordinator of the MSCA Industrial Doctoral Network, highlighted the significant achievements toward the objective of these research projects before the COST Scientific Committee.

The COST Action network started with 98 FinAI members, 5 MeetUp members, and 21 European countries grew in the course of 4 years to a large European network of 368 FinAI members, 2400 MeetUp members, and 51 European countries. Additionally, the action has partners all around the world, namely in: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Taiwan, UAE, United States, Vietnam, New Zealand.

The Action held over 370 conferences and workshops. A few of last years conferences are highlighted here:

Additional information about COST Action CA19130 can be found on

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