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Finalist for the Best WI-FI 2024 Young Researcher Award

The MSCA DIGITAL is proud to help organise the contest for the best Young Researcher during the WI-FI (Woman in Fintech) 2024 Conference. The contest, led by DIGITAL's Maria Iannario, focusses on recognizing young researchers (below 40 years of age) leading research projects. Additionally, Joerg Osterrieder and Codruta Mare serve as jury members for the contest.

This year's finalists are:

  • Ștefana Belbe (Cioban) with Evaluation of the space-time effects of Covid-19 on loans and savings in Romania - A spatial panel data approach at county level

  • Antonio Cola & Rosario Urso with Statistical Analysis of FinTech Data: Insights from Unsupervised to Supervised Approaches

  • Christos Adam with Segmenting female students' perceptions about Fintech using Explainable AI

  • Sofia Giantsidi with Optimizing Financial Forecasting: Reservoir Computing and Self-Adaptive Cuckoo-Genetic Algorithm

  • Stina Morina with Beyond the Screen: Banking Conversational AI

The finalists are asked to prepare a speed talk, where they will be assessed based on the quality of the research. The winner will receive an award which includes a fast-tracked review and possible publication of the paper in the Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Economics, Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence. For more information about the contest Best WI-FI 2024 Young Researcher Paper – FinTech Contest – Fintech and Artificial Intelligence in Finance (

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