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Start-ups and Industry Transfer

  • Leading institutions: European Institute of Technology Digital, Deloitte

  • EC: 1

General Description

The course "Start-ups and Industry Transfer" course allows doctoral candidates to explore the dynamic intersection between academic research, entrepreneurship, and industry collaboration. Throughout this course, candidates will be informed on the process of transforming research insights into viable start-up ventures and facilitating the transfer of innovative technologies to the commercial sphere. Candidates will examine case studies of successful start-ups born from academic research and explore strategies for navigating the challenges and opportunities of industry transfer. Additionally, the course will cover topics such as intellectual property management, technology licensing, funding mechanisms, and strategic partnerships, providing candidates with the tools and knowledge needed to translate research innovations into real-world impact. By the end of this course, candidates will be equipped with the entrepreneurial mindset and practical skills necessary to drive innovation, create value, and foster collaboration between academia and industry.

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