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Scientific Communication

  • Leading institution: Raiffeisen Bank International AG

  • EC: 1

General Description

In the course 'Scientific Communication', doctoral candidates will learn to effectively convey scientific findings to diverse audiences. The course explores the principles and best practices of scientific communication, presentation skills, and effective communication strategies targeted to various audiences. In terms of written communication, candidates will develop proficiency in crafting clear, concise, and engaging scientific texts, research proposals, and technical reports. The nuances of oral communication with different types of stakeholders will be addressed as well, enhancing the skills to deliver compelling presentations, lectures, and conference talks. Furthermore, candidates will learn how to leverage visual aids, storytelling techniques, and digital media to enhance the impact of scientific communication efforts. By the end of this course, candidates will be equipped with the tools and techniques to communicate research findings effectively, fostering collaboration, knowledge dissemination, and societal impact.

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