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History and Prospects of Digital Finance

  • Host institution: University of Naples Federico II

  • EC: 3

General Description

The   course "History and prospects of digital finance" will provide   doctoral candidates with an understanding of innovation in financial markets   and how this relates to the adoption and use of digital technologies. While   analyzing key transformative moments in global financial markets such as   digitalization of stock exchanges, rise of algorithmic trading and dark   pools, Flash Crash in 2010, and increasing application of machine learning in   finance, candidates will learn to understand the operational and strategic   reasons for the adoptions of particular market technologies and innovations   and the management and implementation issues involved in the introduction and   exploitation of key innovations. Moreover, after completing the course,   candidates will be able to recognize the potential and risks to financial   markets participants from new market innovations and technologies. They will   be equipped to participate in the development and adoption of financial   innovations in future professional settings with market operating entities,   financial organizations, financial technology vendors and consultancies, and   national or international regulatory bodies.

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