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Entrepreneurship Training

  • Leading institution: European Institute of Technology Digital

  • EC: 1

General Description

Entrepreneurship Training' cultivates the skills, mindset, and strategies essential to increase the odds of success in financial entrepreneurship. Throughout this course, doctoral candidates will explore the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, from ideation to venture creation, growth, and maturity. Candidates will learn how to identify opportunities, assess market viability, and develop innovative business models that address real-world needs. The course addresses topics such as business planning, financial management, marketing, and sales, offering the tools and frameworks to effectively launch and scale new ventures. Moreover, the course develops insights into the entrepreneurial mindset, resilience, and leadership qualities necessary to navigate challenges, uncertainty, and opportunities in the competitive landscape of digital finance. 'Entrepreneurship Training' develops entrepreneurial potential, enabling candidates to drive meaningful impact and contribute to positive change in society through entrepreneurship.

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