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Cybersecurity in Digital Finance

  • Leading institution: University of Twente

  • EC: 3

General Description

The course 'Cybersecurity in Digital Finance' gives insights in different multiple aspects of cybersecurity. (1) Modelling and Analysis: The modelling and analysis of security threats and their effect on finances will be one part of the course. (2) Economics: The relations between cybersecurity and economics will give insights how cybersecurity threats might influence the financial situation of a company. (3) Social engineering: In addition, the aspect on human behavior in terms of unawareness according to cybersecurity will be investigated. (4) Governance and regulation: Guest speakers will talk about related regulations, for example, CRA and NIS2, within their company and 5) security tradeoffs (usability/safety) will be presented and explained to the students to provide the understanding of the research problems within companies in the setting of cybersecurity.

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