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Workshop on MSCA Digital Finance at Quoniam

In a dynamic convergence of academia and industry, speaker Joerg Osterrieder recently presented the DIGITAL project at Quoniam's monthly research seminar in Frankfurt. With over 30 industry participants, the event bolstered collaborative ties between research and industry. Osterrieder's talk on MSCA Digital Finance showcased innovative research at the intersection of technology and finance. The seminar underscored the value of collaboration, fostering partnerships for real-world impact. Quoniam Asset Management commitment to innovation in the sector of finance provided an ideal setting for the event. Quoniam focusses on providing data-driven and science-based portfolio solution to institutional investors by using quantitative methods based on Machine Learning and Big Data paradigms. As collaborations deepen, the future of DIGITAL Finance looks brighter than ever, driven by shared expertise and forward-thinking initiatives.

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