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Sandro Schmid

LPA Group


Sandro Schmid has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry where he held different senior functions in front, risk, operations, and IT such as CEO, CRO, and COO. He was also a partner for two Big4s where he built up the advisory and risk consulting. Further, he founded “AAAccell”, a global Top100 FinTech and the “Swiss Risk Association”, which he chaired as president for almost 10 years. Sandro studied Economy and holds an MBA and a MAS as well as FRM and AI diplomas. He is/was also lecturing at different Universities such as University of Zurich, SFI and others.

Key Achievements and Outputs

Extensive Industry Experience: Over 20 years in the financial services industry, holding senior roles such as CEO, CRO, and COO.
Leadership in Big4 Firms: Served as a partner at two Big4 firms, where he established the advisory and risk consulting divisions.
Entrepreneurial Ventures: Founded AAAccell, a company recognized among the global Top 100 FinTechs, and established the Swiss Risk Association, serving as its president for nearly a decade.
Academic Contributions: Lectured at various prestigious universities, including the University of Zurich and SFI, among others.

Research Interests

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AI for advisory and risk management services

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