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Rubin Haxhiymeri

Cardo AI


Rubin Haxhiymeri stands as an accomplished and certified professional in Digital Transformation, boasting extensive credentials as an Agile, Systems, and Scale Up Coach. His professional journey spans over 9+ years, during which he has covered various roles across diverse phases of digital transformations in multiple industries such as Fintech, Telecommunications, and Multimedia. Rubin's expertise centers around the strategic marketing of technology products, where he excels in crafting and positioning compelling value propositions. He is deeply passionate about fostering and leading autonomous teams dedicated to the development, delivery, and cultivation of tech products in the competitive market. As a staunch advocate for patience and the ethos of continual growth and development, Rubin brings a unique perspective to his work. His guiding principle, embodied in his favorite saying, "Don't boil the ocean" reflects his belief in taking measured, strategic steps rather than overwhelming endeavors. This philosophy underpins his approach to tackling complex challenges in the fast-evolving digital landscape, ensuring sustainable and effective solutions.

Key Achievements and Outputs

Research Interests

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