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Ekaterina Svetlova

University of Twente


Her background is in economics (Diplom, University of Bonn), philosophy (PhD) and sociology (Habilitation). She was a researcher and a lecturer at the University of Leicester (UK), University of Constance (Germany), Zeppelin University (Germany) and University of Basel (Switzerland). In recognition of her interdisciplinary research efforts, she was appointed the leader of the Finance Research Hub in the ESRC Rebuilding Macroeconomics network at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (London, UK). She also gathered practical experience as a portfolio manager and financial analyst in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Her research is focused on financial markets, financial modeling and valuation. She has also been working on risk reporting in corporate and public sectors and digitalization of accounting. Most recently, her research has been dedicated to AI in finance and AI ethics.

Ekaterina is Associate Professor at the University of Twente.

Key Achievements and Outputs

Research Interests

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