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Cristian Mihai Dragoș

Babes-Bolyai University


Professor in Statistics and Econometrics at Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca, Romania. The main results of his work include: goodness of fit methods in discrete regression econometrics, optimal specification through hierarchical clustering for Nested Logit models, various applications of econometrics in Finance, life and non-life insurance, financial behavior of individuals, health economics, environment and ecology, bibliometrics, etc. He has recently published articles in Economic Modelling, European Journal of Health Economics, Economic Analysis and Policy, Eastern European Economics, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance, Applied Economics Letters, Mathematics, etc. He was an associate researcher of the University of Orleans, France. He was a member or director of research or professional projects with national or international funding. He currently coordinates the research activity of 3 PhD students.

Key Achievements and Outputs

1.A collection of publications encompassing articles, books, reports, and working papers on various subjects within the realms of Statistics and Econometrics is accessible through the Google Scholar profile.

2.Articles published in relevant journals in the economic field, or containing applications of statistics and econometrics in other fields. Examples of journals: Economic Modelling, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Science of the total environment, The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance-Issues and Practice, Mathematics, Eastern European Economics, Economic Analysis and Policy, The European Journal of Health Economics, Applied Economics Letters, etc. 

3.Member of various research projects, with various themes: (1) New methods of analysis and diagnosis of the labor market. Project: LEONARDO, PROJECT no. RO/2005/97079/MTD. Contract No. RO/2006/122. (2) Reform of the social insurance system in Romania with a view to joining the European Union, Grant A Contract no. 27687 of 14.03.2005, Topic no. 18, CNCSIS Code 210. (3) Model for the harmonization of practices in the field of financial management of projects financed by the ESF. Contract POSDRU/41/3.3/G/40317. Scientific expert. (4) Adapting the university, master's curriculum to the requirements of the labor market in Romania in the field of projects financed from the structural and cohesion funds. Contract POSDRU/86/1.2/S/64076. Scientific expert. (5) The application of a system of competences consistent with the European one at the level of master's degrees in the field of economic analysis and evaluation of assets and businesses. POSDRU contract 86/1.2/S/53849. Statistician expert. (6) Strengthening competency-oriented higher education. Contract POSDRU/86/1.2/S/60281.

4.Associate researcher of the University of Orleans, France.

5.Scientific member of the Interdisciplinary Center for Data Science, Babeș-Bolyai University.

Research Interests

Finance graduates_edited.jpg

As a researcher in statistics and econometrics I have contributed significantly to various fields, which can be summarized in six main research directions:

Insurance and Economic Behavior:

(1) Investigated the nexus between life insurance demand and institutional, knowledge, and behavioral factors in Europe, exploring how these aspects influence insurance purchasing decisions.

(2) Health Economics: Analyzed biomarkers for acute cerebrovascular diseases and the role of voluntary health insurance in improving health outcomes, reflecting an interest in the intersection of health and economics.

(3) Econometric Modeling: Applied econometric models to a wide range of economic phenomena, including the impact of financial sectors on economic growth and consumer behavior in insurance markets.

(4) Environmental Economics: Explored the impact of environmental policies on economic behaviors, including taxation's role in motor liability insurance and the dynamics of crop insurance.

(5) Scientometrics: Conducted bibliometric analyses to understand the factors affecting scientific productivity, particularly in environmental sciences, economics, and business.

(6) Consumer Protection and Perception: Examined how economic policies affect consumer rights and perceptions, including studies on price analysis in the energy sector and the influence of institutional factors on consumer protection in the EU.

These areas highlight the researcher's interdisciplinary approach, addressing key issues in health, insurance, environmental policies, and consumer protection through advanced econometric and statistical methodologies.

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