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Christina Kolb

University of Twente, Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences, Ravelijn (building no. 10), room 3202, Hallenweg 17, 7522NH Enschede, The Netherlands


Graduation in Mathematics: Christina Kolb graduated in mathematics in 2013 at Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg, Germany. Besides maths, she studied some fields of Biology, mainly neurophysiology. As a student she was crazy about algebra, number theory, and cryptography.

Researcher in Cryptography: Not surprisingly, Christina started working in cryptography, i.e., anonymous reputation systems and anonymous credential systems until 2015, at Paderborn University in Germany.

PhD in distributed systems: To deepen her knowledge in theoretical computer science, Christina was a PhD in the research group of theory of distributed systems, also at Paderborn University and until May 2020. Her PhD thesis is about "Competitive Routing in Hybrid Communication Systems with Holes". She likes best of this topic that multiple disciplines are united. These are mainly safety, geometry, graph theory and distributed routing protocols. In addition, Christina worked on publish subscribe systems for the collaborative research center SFB 901 in Paderborn.

Postdoc life on safety-security interactions: In June 2020, she joint the CAESAR project at FMT group at the University of Twente as postdoc. The project's goal was to combine safety and security. Her main research there is on attack-defence-fault trees. In 2023, she spent her postdoc time in the research group on security and privacy at the University of Edinburgh in the UK.

Since July 2023, Christina Kolb is assistant professor for cybersecurity and resilience at The University of Twente at BMS-IEBIS. Her research focuses on

1. Models to capture safety-security interactions (fault trees, attack trees, BDMP, account access graphs, feared event trees, multi-level model, autonomous driving)
2. AI and law (cybersecurity and cybersafety)
3. Social engineering (modeling and detecting phishing attacks)

Key Achievements and Outputs

Research Interests

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safety, security, mathematical modelling, cryptography, distributed algorithms

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