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Abhista Abhista

University of Twente


Dr. Abhishta Abhishta, an assistant professor in high-tech business and entrepreneurship (HBE) department at the University of Twente. His PhD research, part of the NWO-funded D3 project, focused on measuring the economic impacts of cyber-attacks. At the Twente University Center of Cyber Security Research, he leads research on socio-economic aspects of cybersecurity. Through his role at behavioural data science incubator (BDSI), Dr. Abhishta actively integrates data science with Behavioural, Management, and Social Sciences. He heads the cloud centralisation work-package in the NWO-funded MASCOT project and serves as co-Principal Investigator in the NWA-CATRIN project, improving digital sovereignty. Collaborating with Prof. Dr. Marianne Junger, he leads a project aimed at identifying and deterring cybercrime chains. His work has gained recognition from national and international publications like NRC and MIT Technology Review.

Key Achievements and Outputs

Research Interests

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