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Meet The Team


Branka Hadji Misheva

Branka Hadji Misheva is a Professor in Applied Data Science and Finance at BFH, working on AI applications in finance, XAI methods, network models and fintech risk management.

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Marc Wildi

Marc Wildi is Professor of Econometrics at ZHAW. Marc led the team's efforts in developing the explainability functions applicable to financial time series.

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Prof. Dr. Jörg Osterrieder is Professor of Sustainable Finance at BFH. He has been working in the area of financial statistics, quantitative finance, algorithmic trading, and digitisation of the finance industry for more than 15 years

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Jan-Alexander Posth

Dr. Jan-Alexander Posth is a Senior lecturer at ZHAW SML. He has more than 12 years’ of professional experience in finance and credit risk management

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David Jaggi

David Jaggi is a senior researcher at ZHAW SML. He has extensive experience building ML solutions for finance and led the efforts in implementing the VA tool.

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