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University of Naples Federico II

General Description

University of Naples Federico II (UNINA) is the world’s oldest state-supported institution of Higher Education and Research. UNINA has 40 PhD programmes, 2400 professors, 440 young researchers (RTD-A) 2200 employees, 73000 students, 840 PhD students. The Department of Political Science of UNINA has a strong interdisciplinary character with a key focus on data analysis. It houses the Statistics and Mathematics Research Group, involved in activities for improving the knowledge about financial inclusion through digital finance.

Research: In the last three-year, more than 30,000 research products were produced, also in collaboration with other public and private, Italian and international Research Institutions, and in synergy with the educational, production and service sectors. 


Training: UNINA supports higher education with 37 PhD courses and one MSCA Doctoral network SHINE. 

Industry cooperation: It is ranked 6th among Italian universities (Centre for World University Ranking) with a commitment to technology transfer to the industry with over 77 granted patents and participation in 47 consortia with the private sector and spin-off activities.


Prof. Dr. Maria Iannario (20%) Associate Professor of Statistics, UNINA. 2012– Member of the American Statistical Association. 2013- Member Statistical Modelling Society 2013- Member ERCIM Working Group on Computational and Methodological Statistics. Publications: 3 book chapters, 85 journal papers, 19 Conference papers. H-index: 22. PhD supervision: 1 thesis committees. Post Doc supervision: 1, Master degree: 100 mentored. Principal Investigator of international scientific projects: 3. Expertise: ordinal data models, mixture models, latent variable models, rating-data analytics, robustness, computing. Role: Supervisory Board member, supervision of ESR 9, WP 5 Lead.

Alfonso Iodice D'Enza.png

Prof. Dr. Alfonso Iodice d’Enza (15%) Associate Professor of Statistics, UNINA. H-index: 11. Co-authored over 40 journal and conference publications. Expertise: unsupervised learning, dimension reduction and clustering for continuous, categorical and mixed data..

Francesco Palumbo.png

Prof. Dr. Francvesco Palumbo (10%)  Pro-rector of didactics. Full Professor of Statistics, UNINA.. 2020-2024 BoD Italian Statistical Society. 30 book chapters, 27 journal papers, H-index: 22. PhD supervision: 6 thesis committees. Taught at several doctoral training schools. Role: Supervision of ESR 10.


Prof. Dr. Antonio Pescapè (5%) Pro Rector for Innovation and Third Mission, Full Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. Co-authored over 170 journal and conference publications. H-index 55. Co-supervised/supervised and graduated more than 180 among BS, MS, and PhD students. Role: 

How we contribute to the MSCA:

WP 5 Lead. Contribute theoretical and applied expertise in analysing complex categorical data structures, survey analytics, latent models, link functions and gender studies.

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