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General Description

Quoniam Asset Management GmbH is part of the DZ BANK Group and is owned by Union Asset Management Holding AG as the main shareholder and the managing partners of Quoniam. The DZ BANK Group’s investment in Quoniam dates back to the founding of the company in 1999. Thanks to its ownership and its integration into the cooperative financial network, Quoniam can therefore build on a strong financial foundation. The company creates successful investment solutions for institutional investors. These solutions are based on our research- and data-driven methodology, a state-of-the-art IT platform and decades of market experience of our experts.


Axel Gross-Klussmann is a quantitative portfolio manager in the multi asset strategy team. Axel holds a PhD in econometrics and a MSc in statistics from Humboldt University Berlin as well as degrees in economics and mathematics from the universities in Kiel and Hagen.

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Markus Ebner is a quantitative fund manager focused on Multi Asset- and Liquid Alternative strategies. He built the Multi-Asset team which is currently running approx. 3.0 bln. € in active strategies. He is experienced in designing new investment concepts as the development of Quoniam Multi Asset strategies is done under his lead.

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Maximilian Stroh is Head of Research. Before his current position, Max worked as a research analyst for Invesco, where he applied machine learning in the context of equity factor investing and advanced his team's data science infrastructure. Max holds a PhD in Mathematics from Goethe University Frankfurt and is a CFA charterholder.

How we contribute to the MSCA:

Contribute training and expertise in AI, risk and financial advisory, hosting ESRs, Research

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