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EVENT: CFGE Sustainability Research Café

Dr Harald Stieber

European Parliament

6 June, 9:30-11:30 am

Brookfield College, Drawing Room 0.09

will include the introductory talk

Why we should avoid looking for "faster horses" this time around:

How marginal gains and local search strategies can make us miss

the biggest economic opportunities of the climate transition

For further information please contact

Professor Ania Zalewska at


Dr Ayman Omar at

Bio of Dr Harald Stieber

Dr Harald Stieber is a macroeconomist in the Economic Governance Unit of the European Parliament. As a macro-modeller he has 24 years of professional experience applying economic policy analysis in academia, national administration (ministry of finance), OECD and the European Commission. He has contributed to the development of the EU's crisis management toolbox and has worked on the economic analysis of more than 30 pieces of EU legislation including the financial derivatives regulation (EMIR), the mortgage credit directive, the FF55 package, and the corporate due diligence directive. His work on reporting technologies has been instrumental for the development of the Commission strategy for supervisory reporting.

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