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LPA Group

General Description

LPA transforms the way financial markets worldwide work. We offset our clients’ workload by synergizing software, automation and emerging technology, providing a dynamic and innovative financial services ecosystem. LPA offers service on Software, Management Service and Consulting. Software: Document and workflow automation technology specifically for financial institutions. Accelerate your digital transformation process with our configurable software modules that fit seamlessly into your digital infrastructure. Managed Services: Streamline, automate and outsource the creation and process of document generation, issuance and reporting with the LPA cloud application. We provide an efficient end-to-end service that meets compliance requirements. Consulting: Accelerating financial market’s transformation with best-in-class domain expertise and cutting-edge solutions, enabling clients in the financial world to remain agile and efficient in complex, dynamic environments.


Sandro Schmidt is Partner in AI&Data. He has strong technical competencies in AI applications in finance. Role: Contribution to applied research. Co-supervision and hosting of PhD students.


How we contribute to the MSCA:

Contribute training and expertise in AI, risk and financial advisory, hosting ESRs, Research.

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