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Cardo AI

General Description

Cardo AI is a Milan-based, PRI-signatory fintech company with a staff of 111 people,  developing cutting edge fintech software incorporating artificial intelligence capabilities. The company currently serves customers located in Italy, Luxembourg and the UK. Core to product development is the Data Science Team within the organisation, composed by 8 members and led by a Yale-graduated PhD. Research: Focused on Macroeconomic Factors Time Series Forecasting, Generative Adversarial Networks and Graph Query Generation from Semantic Natural Language Parsing. Training: The company has conducted in the past partnerships with the University of Pavia and Politecnico di Milano as well as joining COST - Fintech and AI in Finance in October 2022.

Industrial cooperation: The company is in close cooperation with the customers it serves in the financial industry as well as regularly participating in multiple Fintech industry conferences and panels.


Dr. Gennaro di Brino (30%) Publications: 1 single-authored and 3 co-authored journal papers. H-index: 5. Projects: 10+ non academic projects. PhD supervision: 1 co-supervised together with Postdoc mentor. Expertise: data science, classification on structured and unstructured data, semantic textual similarity, text to image retrieval, recommender systems, time series forecasting; mathematics, algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, category theory, homotopical algebraic geometry. Role: Senior Data Scientist. Role: Supervisory Board member, supervision of ESRs 1, 14. 


Dr. Federico Giudici (30%) Publications: 6 journal papers, 12 Conference Proceedings. H-index: 5. Projects: 1 H2020 European project (IMPREX - IM;proving PRedictions and management of hydrological Extremes). Supervision: 5 MSc theses mentored. Expertise: Environmental intelligence, multi-objective optimization, decision making under uncertainty, machine learning for sustainability, energy system modelling, environmental system analysis, climate change. Role: Contribution to research and applied industry training.


Mr. Stefano Penazzi (30%) Publications: 9 journal papers, 3 conference papers. H-index: 6. Projects: 20+ industrial projects (with Nestle, Siemens, Liverpool City Council, Alstom, Swiss Federal Railways, and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)), 2 European projects, 1 Innovate UK project, 1 Swiss National Science Foundation project. Expertise: operational research, machine learning, agent-based simulation, stochastic optimization, mixed integer linear programming, graph theory. Role: Contribution to research and applied industry training. Supervision of ESR 15.


Mr. Altin Kadareja (10%) CEO and Co-founder of Cardo AI. Risk management expert holding previous industry roles, notably with BlackRock (VP, Italy) and Prometeia (Manager, Italy). Role: Supervision of applied industry research and training.

How we contribute to the MSCA:

Contribute data on private debt investment and expertise in building software for transparent data analytics.

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