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Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE)

General Description

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) is the leader of the higher education institutions in the field of Economic Sciences and Public Administration in Romania and South-East Europe. 13 Faculties, 23.000 + students – 3,5% international,  900 + academic staff – 10% international, 25 Undergraduate programs, 78 Master programs, 2 international MBA programs, 10 doctoral schools overall. 

Research: digital finance, fintech, sustainability in finance, data analysis for finance, data mining in the financial domain. Training: Data analysis for finance, Statistics of Financial Markets, Advanced Time Series Analysis will be taught to doctoral students. Industry cooperation: Romanian National Bank, Authority for Financial Supervision, research and training projects with the public and private sectors.


Prof. dr. Daniel Traian Pele (30%). Professor of Statistics of Financial Markets and Time Series Publications: 1 authored and 5 co-authored books, 5 book chapters, 38 journal papers, 20 conference papers, H-index: 10. Projects: 20 projects. PhD supervision: 5 mentored. Taught at several doctoral training schools. Expertise: Statistics of Financial Markets, Time Series. Role: Local Programme Coordinator at ASE, Supervisory Board member, supervision of ESR 12.

Vasile Strat.png

Conf. dr. Vasile Alecsandru Strat (30%). Dean of the Bucharest Business School. Publications: 2 co-authored and co-edited books, 20+ journal papers, 10+ Conference papers. Google Scholar H-index: 10. Projects: 3 industrial projects. PhD supervision: 2 thesis committees. Expertise: data analytics, spatial/disparities analysis, experimental and quasi-experimental approaches. Role: Coordination of local activities.


Prof. dr. Adrian Costea (30%). CFA program charter holder, senior executive with NBR. Publications: 1 authored and 1 co-authored books, 2 book chapters, 22 journal papers, 30 conference papers, H-index: 11. Projects: 13 projects (4 international). PhD supervision: 8 mentored. Expertise: Data Mining for financial analysis, Statistics and Econometrics. Role: Contribution to research and training

How we contribute to the MSCA:

Contribute data on cryptos, SMEs financial data  as well as theoretical and applied expertise in building predictive ML and DL models for finance, clustering and community detection algorithms, case-study analysis.

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