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Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH)

General Description

Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) is a public vocational university with a strong national and international profile. It comprises six departments, with ~8,000 students, 30 Bachelor’s degrees and 24 Master’s.

Research: Research fields in the department of management and business ranges from new work, digital technology management and sustainable business. The department has a very strong research orientation. Training: Data analytics, Machine learning for finance, XAI for finance, sustainable finance and entrepreneurship, will be courses offered to doctoral students.  Industry cooperation: As an applied university, BFH strongly collaborates with industry through national and international funding schemes.


Prof. Dr. Joerg Osterrieder (70%). Action Chair COST Action CA19130.  Publications: 38 journal papers, H-index: 11. Projects: 30+ industrial projects and grants. PhD (co-) supervision: 7 students. 7 years experience in investment banking. Expertise: Capital Markets. Artificial Intelligence in Finance. Role: Project Coordinator, WP 6, 8 lead, supervision of ESRs 3 and 4.

Christian Hopp.png

Prof. Dr. Christian Hopp (10%), Head of the Institute for Applied Data Science and Finance. He has coordinated national research projects and published more than 40 publications in the highest ranked entrepreneurship and innovation management journals. Taught at several doctoral training schools. Role: Contribution to research and training. Supervision of ESR 17. SB member.

Prof. Dr. Branka Hadji Misheva (50%), working on AI applications in finance, XAI methods, network models and fintech risk management. She has led several research and innovation projects on AI and ML for finance. Role: Contribution to research and training. Supervision of ESR 16. WP 3, 7 Lead. Supervisory board member.

Adam Kurpisz.png

Prof. Dr. Adam Kurpisz (30%), working on the theoretical side of optimization techniques for various applications. Author of more than 20 research papers in top-ranked journals and conferences. Leader of several research projects and two startups. Role: Contribution to research and training.

How we contribute to the MSCA:

Co-lead of DN, WP 3, 7 Lead. Contribute data on SME and personal loan performance and ESG scoring as well as expertise in algorithmic design,  ML and DL models for credit risk management, deploying explainable AI systems, hosting ESRs, Transferable Skills Training, Research;

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